Gathering Grey Garb

With the fall gloom rolling in and it being my favorite season, I of course have found some inspiration in grey hues. Trying the grey pallet is something new for me though because if there were any colors that my mother banned from my wardrobe growing up it was neutrals, especially grey. "You look just sooooo sick in that color," she would claim. If you have a Latina mother, you know nothing they ever say is ever simple. It is and always will be a little telenovela dramatic. Pale? Maybe. Pasty? Maybe. But, Sick...? Thus learning quickly to never take my mom too literally, when it came to my style, I still laugh out loud whenever I recall the exaggerated comments she reserved for what she considered "dull" outfits.  Fifteen years later my dear mother still refuses to accept the concept of neutrals and maybe that's why my closet looks like someone who just ate fruity pebbles threw up in it, but nevertheless I have slowly expanded my neutral wardrobe and this fall I am determined to gather some more greys. Here is a look at some of my grey garb I have decided to live in this month of November.

New Steve Madden Cirkus Booties from the Nordstrom's Half Yearly Sale

Opi "Flurry Up" on top of China Glaze "Recycle"

My Favorite Forever 21 Terry Cloth Sweatshirt Hoodie