Fresh Coat Of Paint

It is no secret I adore shabby chic style and as I have slowly acquired vintage furniture pieces, with every apartment move, that love has led me to dabble in modification of antique pickings into unique pieces.

Earlier this year I found some old chairs on Craigslist, their mustard colored cushions captivating me from their picture alone. Craigslist is one place I always troll when searching for cheap fab finds. Yet it is important to make sure when looking over the pieces in person that they have strong foundations, sturdy enough to re-do into timeless transformations. These chairs met all my requirements, for seeking only a pair of statement end chairs, they are the perfect start to the table set I look to create.


 Sanding for weeks, I realized quickly that my knowledge of vintage re-do was limited. That is when I met Susan from Seasonal Woodcrafts. In a matter of days she solved my sanding sighs. Wanting to keep color limted to mostly the walls and tapestries, I asked her to paint them white. Utterly breathtaking, I cannot get over how beautiful they look and how perfectly they fit with my orange dinning area, on top of my flea market rug find.

Loving Susan's work and her affordable prices I will also be adding some more pieces from her vast collection of shabby chic items she has ready to sell. Email her at to set-up an appointment to view her pre-made pieces or order a custom project.