Collateral Doggage November Outtakes

Collateral Doggage- n. Unintentional or accidental style comma to a dog that would not be a lawful fashionista target, in the circumstances ruling at the time. The phrase is prevalently used as an euphemism for a dog of a fashion action.

I am ending November, starting a new blog post I will be ending with monthly, from here on out, and I only hope you will enjoy it as much as I love putting it together. Day in and day out, as I style myself to death some nights, I have come to find it irresistible to capture my style companion, Mr. Oliver, who follows my every fashion move with his watchful eyes. Call me crazy, but always end up talking out my outfits with my loyal pup and I have to admit, at times he does end up as what I like to call "Collateral Doggae" or in other words, an innocent bystander of my style adventures. A handsome pup himself with a love for posing, I am sure this blog ritual will become quite the highlight of my month!

{Dog Wool Bow Tie by Grey Paw Design