Trick Or Treat

Having found the joy in hauntingly inspired celebration last year, Halloween is quickly becoming one of my favorite holidays for decor. Never one to change floor mats to throw blankets for a seasonal theme, I personally opt to incorporate touches of a holiday through table center pieces, surrounding them with baked goods. This year I found this great idea for Medusa Cupcakes that were very easy to throw together. I simply used cake-in-a-box mix to make my two batches of a dozen cupcakes, topping them with frosting, gummy worms and pre-made candy eyeballs by Wilton. Some few tips that might be helpful are, when manipulating the worms onto the frosted cupcakes, use their shape to your advantage, allowing them to fall as they please. Also consider cutting the worms in half, using thinner pieces for an easier fit onto the cupcake.  Fast and sweet, this treat was the perfect ending to my Halloween!

24 Medusa Cupcakes
1 Box Of Chocolate Cake Mix
1 Tub Of Chocolate Frosting
6 Bags Of Gummy Worms 7oz
1 Package Of Wilton Candy Eyeballs