Not So Shabby Inspirations

Never one to pass up an "Estate Sale TODAY!" sign, I made a u-turn on my way home from a yummy lunch in downtown Mountain View today. Curious to see what I might find, I resolved to not spend any big bucks for any one item. Little did I under estimate myself, my full proof non-spending plan back-fired. Although all under 10 bucks, I still took three pieces home. I dug up an antique china platter with faded gold details, inspiring me to possibly dabble in some pastry baking this weekend. I also purchased a framed chalkboard. Always adorning French-style cafes, I love the shabby chic look. Finally, I brought home with me an odd ceramic planter. Not planning to kill any innocent plants anytime soon, I figured it might work as a letter holder. I often find myself turning old containers into new containers, using an English marmalade jar for a pen holder and such. Embrace the odds and ends in your home. Aged glass jars and canisters are a great way to organize the knick-knacks that run rampant and loose on your dining table or in your kitchen cupboards. You might be surprised at how the display of your assorted collections can add a fun corky touch to your home, while getting rid of the clutter.