Ice Cream Push-Pops

Having recently stumbled upon mind-numbingly delicious Straus Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, I was in desperate need to find a way to use it in a summer dessert endeavor. Inspired by One Charming Party's Push-Pop Project I set out to make some old school ice cream fun delights. The biggest challenge was finding the pop containers themselves. To my surprise none of the craft or baking stores carried any and I was finally able to track some down at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I was also a bit disappointed when I discovered each pop container, in the pack of four, had a screen-printed label, yet I quickly got rid of it with a bit of Goo Gone. For the filler, in between the ice cream, I bought some classic Chips Ahoy! chewy chocolate chip cookies. Easy peasy, using the container as a cookie cutter itself, I filled the push pops 2 spoonfuls of ice cream per cookie, starting with a cookie foundation. For a fresh twist, consider also using sorbet and fruit filling.