Fashion In The City

Took a trip out into the city this weekend for the Melange Fashion Show 2011. A night time event, I dressed up in my favorite black pieces, adding a jewel tone necklace for a pop of color. Many designers showcased throughout the night, but I could not stop gasping as each piece in Carmen Chen Wu's "Saving Fish From Drowning" collection walked the runway. I fell in lust. An eclectic mix of patterned material and flowing fabrics, Wu weaved each of her designs into a fresh interpretation of western men's wear for women. I want. I need. Sigh. 

{H&M Babydoll Dress, Steve Madden Pumps, Donney & Bourke Purse, Necklace from Ibiss, Forever 21 Cocktail Ring}

Fashion Photos by Karla Bravo visit Karla Bravo Photography