Sweet Summer Heat

The sun is out and I'm all about some sweetening up the summer heat. I love munching on some fruit, but my instant thirst quencher fix is iced tea. Chai or green, I love tea with a little bit-o-sugar. Having acquired a tea maker over the holidays, my boy figured he would attempt to make some homemade iced tea to satisfy my sweet needs. Quiet the innovator, he simply used two Chai tea bags for the brew. I was pretty impressed at how good it was. You see the funny thing is, I tried this last month when he was away at a race and well, let's say it didn't quiet come out as I thought. I got a little ambitious adding milk and Cinnamon and when it tasted just plain bad, I mindlessly started throwing things in, refusing to accept my iced tea defeat. I might have failed to mention this to him. I couldn't quite come to terms with admitting that my complicated female brain led to such a tea disaster, while his simple male-mind concoction was so very delicious.

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