Friday, February 5, 2016

Valentine's DIY Floral Headband

Valentine's is one of my favorite holidays. An good excuse to say "I care",  I actually like to focus on friends and family on this day for I think its important to take the time to say "you mean so much to me" to the important people in your life versus getting caught up in the romantic aspect of the occasion. Another reason I love this day is that I am also a totally sucker for the design element of this holiday. The pink, the red, the candy and who can forget the FLOWERS! Thus this year, I wanted to give my floral love a twist, using flowers as an outfit accessory rather than just something to get and give. It was so much fun to partner up with local flower shop Petite Petal Co. for this easy peasy DIY project. If your looking for a last minute Valentine's hair hack this is a simple and sweet way to accessorize your look! See full DIY steps bellow. 


Plastic headband
Handful of fresh Ranunculus (or large flower like a Peony)
A couple of stems of foliage
1 felt circle cut into 1.5 – 2 inches in diameter*
1 cardboard or very thick cardstock cut into 1.5-2 inches in diameter*
Hot glue gun
Floral clippers

* The diameter depends on how large your flower is. If it’s big then the circle should be bigger.

DIY Instructions:

1. Prepare your flowers and greenery: Cutting flower(s) head(s) down so there is no stem and trim your green foliage to the length you would like. Play around with the layout. This is essential for hot glue dries fast and the arrangement will not be able to be tweaked once glued.

2. Attach foliage to cardboard circle: Take the cardboard circle and place hot glue where you want your foliage to lie. Arrange and place foliage on top of the glue. Allow glue to dry.

3.  Attach flowers to cardboard circle: In the center of the cardboard circle place hot glue where you want flowers to lie. Arrange and place flower(s) on top of the glue and hold it down securely. Allow glue to dry.

4.  Prepare Headband: Take your headband and decide where you want to place the flower cluster. Once again note that this is essential for hot glue dries fast and the arrangement will not be able to be tweaked once glued.

5.  Attach flower cluster to the headband:  Dab a generous amount of hot glue to the back of the cardboard attaching it to felt circle, while sandwiching the headband in between. Secure tightly. Add some more hot glue to get the edges if necessary. Allow glue to dry.

6. Place on head

Stay tuned for a look at my full ensemble next week! 
Petite Petal Co. is having a variety of Valentine's floral bouquets you can shop at its just launched fab flower shop so make sure to pass by and pick up a bunch for a loved one or simply... Treat Yo Self!!

Petite Petal Co.
381 E. Campbell Ave.
Campbell, CA 95008

DIY Photos Elise McDonald Photography 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

2016 Valentine's Day Gift Guide

The Sweetheart 

Happy February Lovelies!  I am so excited to kick-off this month of love with a fun Valentine's Day Gift Guide worthy of any special lady in your life. Looking for a variety of options, I partnered up with my favorite local shopping spot Santana Row. Let me tell you with all the new stores that have recently opened at the row, like Sugarfina, Sephora and Warby Parker, it was easy to find many swoon worthy picks I would love to get as well as give.

For that stylish sweetheart in your life, consider shopping for that "WOW" gift that will surly make a statement in her wardrobe. Personally I am "head over heels" over the Kate Spade Lydia Heel. Sweet with a hind of strappy and studded edge these beauties would be a great staple to any wardrobe. 

The Galentine

For that posh Galentine, shop for unique chic gifts that will add some spunk to everyday life. I cannot get over how cute this gym bag is. I mean pizza is life right?! Make sure to stop by Paper Source at Santana Row for variety of quirky products. For a smaller present option, you cannot go wrong with candy. Sugarfina makes this even more easy with a wide selection of gummies and chocolates that are not only yummy but cute. Happy Shopping!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Winter Moss

I was recently invited by hair creatives, Bigsby House, to take the 30 day Hair Story challenge and I must say I was very surprised at what unfolded. 

If you know me, you know my beauty regiment is pretty low maintenance, actually quiet shameful frankly. Growing up with manageable hair and minimal skin concerns, I admit that I have been a little careless about what I use for upkeep, choosing basic drug store brands and standard department store makeup. In other words, if I find an affordable beauty brand that works I usually stick with it. Yet turning 30 has been a big wake-up call and I find myself now navigating new found oily hair problems that have also led to acne breakouts around my face. The oil problem has been most prominent with bangs, driving me up a wall when trying to style them.  Desperate for a solution I had turned to daily use of clarifying shampoo, paring it with dry shampoo spray on real bad days. To say I have been frustrated would be an understatement. My hair has always kinda been my "thing". When all else seems to be failing fashion wise my hair can still make me feel confident. 

So here is where Hair Story comes into the picture. Hesitant about jumping on a no shampoo bandwagon, I was a bit skeptical about this New Wash product. So what happened? you ask. Its been almost 30 days and my hair has officially gone back to its normal balanced self. I dare even say its better. Oil problems gone. So gone I do not need conditioner anymore and can actually skip washing it a day, something that became nearly impossible this last year. Made with essential oils, New Wash cleans hair only removing the necessary substances from your hair. Unlike normal shampoo that strips your hair of everything, New Wash can distinguish the good and bad, still acting with the same mechanism as a detergent without the damaging chemicals. It took a little while for me to learn how best to use it given my hair needs. What works for me is massaging it into my scalp, combing it through throughly, then rinsing and sometimes re-washing heavily touched areas like my bangs or nape of my neck. 

Just washed and gently blow dried, I paired my "New Wash" hair with a slouchy sweater thrown over a body con dress. "Hair" to toe, this look will be on repeat as I weather out this California rain gloom. If you want to try the Hair Story challenge, you can find New Wash along with other Hair Story products at Bigsby House located in Downtown San Jose.

Sweater Kuzak's Closet
Vintage Coach Purse via Women's Exchange Inc.

Hair Product New Wash & Dressed Up

Photography Geremey Magbanua


Thursday, January 14, 2016


Serving some #ScotchInStyle, I recently hosted some Silicon Valley style makers to a very intimate Glenfiddich Whisky experience at Scotch & Soda at Santana Row.  Setting up a darling tasting table in the middle of the store, guest were not only able browse some very stylish digs but sip on the timeless scotch as well (See my full #ScotchInStyle look HERE).

Two scotch cocktails were served at the event. Both were custom crafted by Rye On The Road, using Glenfiddich's latest expression, the Bourbon Barrel Reserve 14YO (Get the cocktail recipes HERE).

Whisky can be an intimidating spirit to work with, thus it was such treat to talk such a fun group of local young creatives through the the basics of scotch. Glenfiddich Ambassador Jennifer Wren did the honors, curating a pour of Glenfiddich's 12YOBourbon Barrel Reserve 14YO, 21YO and The Original, while teaching the rich history behind the single malt scotch. Amongst laughter and some very cute tasting face reactions (heres looking at you newbies Alyson, Grace and Laura lol), guests got to share expression preferences. My personal pick has to be the Bourbon Barrel Reserve 14YO for what I like to describe as its subtle sophistication. 

Ushering in this new year, I am so excited to explore my new relationship with whisk(e)y. It has been such a pleasant surprise and I sure hope you continue to follow my journey, sharing my love from the Old Fashioned to the Penicillin. CHEERS!!!

Craft Cocktails Rye On The Road
Calligraphy Sign and Place Cards Amore Paper & Ink
Vintage Rentals Kuzak's Closet

Grace of My Style and GraceAlyson of The Beauty Vanity/ Laura of Have Need Want
Matt of SweatBrah

Pictures Nathalie Bize

Monday, January 4, 2016


2016 is officially underway and I got a great feeling about the potential this year holds. They say things become much clearer in your thirties. After some highs, as well as definite lows, the trials and errors of the last two years are finally leaving me back in a place where I feel like myself again yet with a new sense of gratefulness and perspective. So many things had me doubting, comparing and at times regretting choices and decisions I had made. I think one of the biggest things has been this sense that I have let fear hold me back from truly taking risks when it comes to my personal dreams. I have realized I need to let go of all those should haves and would haves because wonderful things can happen when you look and love at what is in front of you instead of living in the idea of what you think should or could have been! I hope to take some exciting leaps this year and share that journey with you.

Kicking off a new outlook and new year of style, this quirky little black dress was quiet appropriate. I love LBDs because once you find a fit that works its all about the accessories. I paired my Scotch & Soda LBD, with my favorite studded heels for some edge and a classic Kate Spade purse with a fun pom to for a pop of color. I wore this effortless look to host a night of #ScotchInStyle with Glenfiddich for some local Silicon Valley style makers. I will be sharing pictures from the night later this week so stay tuned. Happy New Year Friends!

Dress Scotch & Soda Santana Row
Heels Vince Camuto last seen HERE
Kate Spade Purse via Nordstrom's Rack
Pom Banana Republic last seen HERE

Photography Geremey Magbanua 

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