Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Orange Creek Sour

Happy #nationalwhiskeysourday my dears!!! So excited to share with you today a twist on this classic drink. Giving this citrus based cocktail a sweet spin, head mixologist Adam Chick of Four Seasons Silicon Valley created the Orange Creek Sour and let me tell you it was a delicious delight! 

Since I started working on my Mixology 101 series on the blog something that has definitely surprised me has been sudden love affair with Whiskey. Honestly nothing beats a good classic Sweet Old Fashioned in my book, but the Orange Creek Sour definitely gives it a run for its money. Subtly sweet, its burnt orange twang perfectly compliments the Whiskey's oak layers, making it a great cocktail to make as you transition from summer to fall flavors. I know I will be doing just so, biding adieu to the sunny season this coming Labor Day weekend with an Orange Creek Sour!

Orange Gum Syrup
Lemon Juice
Luxardo Cherries

1. Boil orange gum syrup until bottom is burnt
2. Stir orange gum syrup mixture together and set aside 
3. Place one egg white into cocktail shaker
4. Pour .75 oz lemon juice
5. Pour 1.25 Whiskey
6. Add a spoonful of burnt orange gum syrup
7. Dry shake
8. Add ice and shake well
9. Rim glass with sugar and cinnamon
10. Double strain into glass 
11. Garnish with Luxardo Cherries

Come taste this fall craft cocktail and many more this Friday at Four Season's Silicon Valley Chronicle Nights Totally 80's Party (RSVP HERE)!

Four Seasons Silicon Valley at East Palo Alto 

2050 University Ave. 
East Palo Alto, CA. 94303 
(650) 566-1200

Monday, August 17, 2015

But first, _______

I originally wore this look to a Santana Row preview party for a new restaurant called Roots & Rye, and then reworked it into my line-up while on a recent trip to LA. During the summer months, I love having a number of simple and stylish dresses that are easy to transition from formal events to casual dates. I am particularly a sucker for timeless minis with fun and unique prints, like this vintage funky floral find. With a simple change of an accessory, like a hat or a heel, you can really get a lot of mileage out of a summer dress!

Yet sometimes a cup of coffee can be your best accessory and if you follow along on my Instagram @livinginvogue, you know how much I advocate this motto! Whether at home or traveling, one of my absolute favorite things to do is hunt down a local coffee spot and enjoy some caffecito while people/dog watching. Alfred {Coffee + Kitchen} in LA is one of these must-visit coffee shops I recently discovered while on the road. Everything, from their coffeehouse decor to their to-go cups, is so effortlessly chic! You also cannot argue with their signature slogan #butfirstcoffee, especially with their iced Mocha tastes so heavenly. I have to confess, LA has started to grow on me. Beyond the insane traffic, the frequent trips have led me to discover some real gems and left me craving for more. I never thought I would get the itch to move, especially to somewhere which a little bit more "cut-throat" like a big city.  But all the recent travel this summer really got my wheels turning and maybe it might just be time for a change of scenery. For the first time in my life the unknown has me excited instead of frightened and I think I might just have to make that leap and be a little brave and get a little weird. So to answer my coffee cup: But first, adventure! 

Vintage Dress Kuzak's Closet
Sandals DSW
Vintage Purse Coach

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mixology 101: Pineapple Express

Summer is definitely my favorite time of year to share craft cocktails with fab friends and this season has been no exception! When picking out my summer sips, I have been currently craving robust flavors with a refreshing twist and one of my most recent delish discoveries that hit all these rights notes is the Pineapple Express, created by Oak & Rye's head mixologist Oswaldo Serafin. Located in downtown Los Gatos, Oak & Rye has rapidly become one of my favorite local pizza places. Along with its handcrafted pizza, Oak & Rye's cocktail program is a must-try! Its libations filled with unique flavor twists, many are created with syrups and garnishes developed exclusively in house. 

To be honest, the first time I saw the Pineapple Express, I picked it because I was enchanted by the adorable pineapple stamp garnish. (Hey, hey, don't judge me! LOL. You know if you saw that cute little sip waltz by your table you would pick it too!) Yet the tropical twist on the pisco sour packs a delightfully sweet and sour punch, making the Pineapple Express not just ideal to Instagram (Don't lie. You know you were thinking it! HA), but a perfect patio time drink.

A couple of tips for those aspiring craft cocktail makers (Like moi) that want to recreate this drink. You must shake this drink TWICE before serving. Most importantly is the dry shake, meaning sans ice. This is a key step for any drink made with an egg white for dry shaking guarantees the cocktail's ingredients will combine properly before introducing any ice. Another key element to this drink is its amazing Pineapple Fennel Shrub flavor. Oak & Rye's cocktail guru Oswaldo Serafin suggests making your own shrub, as he does, to maximize taste. An easy process with a seven day turn around, it is worth the wait. It can be used in a variety of summer drinks, even non-alcoholic ones like in a simple shrub soda when paired with sparkling water. Variations of the shrub can also be found pre-made (You can buy one online HERE). Finally for that adorable Pineapple stencil garnish! You can easily create this touch by simply pouring bitters into a mini spray bottle you can find at your local craft store (shop example HERE), using the bitters as a mist. VIOLA and CHEERS!   

Pineapple Fennel Shrub

Fennel Seeds
Apple Cider Vinegar
Fresh Pineapple
32 oz Mason Jar

1. Chop half a fresh Pineapple into small cubes
2. Toast 1 oz Fennel Seeds
3. Mix Pineapple and Fennel Seeds in a large bowl
4. Add 2 cups of sugar
5. Add 3. 5 cups of Apple Cider Vinegar 
6. Pour mixture into Mason Jar
7. Allow to sit for 7 Days

Pineapple Express

Lime Juice
Simple Syrup
Pineapple Fennel Shrub

1. Place one egg white into cocktail shaker
2. Pour 1.25 oz Pisco into shaker
3. Add equal parts Lime Juice, Pineapple Fennel Shrub and Simple Syrup, .75 oz each
4. Dry shake
5. Add ice and shake well
6. Strain into glass and allow to sit, creating cascading effect
7. Garnish with a stenciled fruit shape, using bitters spray

Oak & Rye
303 North Santa Cruz Ave.
Los Gatos, CA 

Friday, July 10, 2015

Summer Blues

Summer is in full swing! Can I hear a wahooooo?! It is this time of the year that makes me so grateful for living here in the Bay Area. Perfect weather for new adventures, there are so many darling local pockets waiting to be explored or even re-discovered. Most are usually only a hop, skip and a jump away and this was just the case when I recently got invited to visit The Tiburon Tavern.

I hate to confess it, but I had never been to Tiburon before 2 weeks ago and boy have I been missing out. A small piece of heaven, the picturesque view of the SF city skyline from the Tiburon pier is worth the trip in itself! The Tiburon Tavern is perfectly located alongside the main road to the pier. Although a part of the Lodge at Tiburon, Tiburon Tavern is a gem of its own, full of culinary creations and carefully curated cocktails. I was lucky enough to break bread with some fun foodies and sample the delish menu by executive chef Tim Humphrey. My favorites were the Hush Puppies (AHHHmazing), Salmon Ceviche (Like... I don't even like seafood! Mind Blown.) and the Chocolate Croissant Pain Perdu (I mean a CHOCOLATE CROISSANT is involved... need I say more!?). To say only YUM would be an understatement and I honestly cannot wait to go back for more. There is dog friendly happy hour... "Yappy Hour" LOL, which has Oliver's name written all over it.    

For my Tiburon dinner night I picked a super comfortable romper. Quite the illusion, you cannot tell by the pictures but its got this skort (skirt/short) thing going on, which I real love. It is an Express piece circa 1990. Darling and dainty, this one is quickly making its way to be on repeat for the rest of July.

Romper Crossroads Trading Co.
Heels Vince Camuto
Vintage Hat via Happy Dragon Los Gatos
Vintage Purse via Kuzak's Closet

Thursday, July 2, 2015


I have been pretty busy as of late and I must admit it has been a nice change of pace. I recently have transitioned to only freelancing and at first I felt very uneasy and almost uncertain of the direction I was going in. But after a few travel adventures, getting back into my everyday running routine and now working on many style projects I can happily say I have been in a stream of organized chaos that has me excited for things to come. Sure I cannot deny I have my moments of "what am I doing?".... ranging from melt down tears to angry workouts but I am up for the challenge nevertheless! 

One of my most recent style trips involved my friends Amanda and Taylor from Kuzak's Closet. We made a trek up to the city last week to a baking class with San Francisco Cooking School and it was a pretty "sweet" time. We made butter... okay okay they made butter and I tried to make butter aka I don't think I curdled it well aka I went home with a wet blob LOL and we also taste tested cookies. YUM! 

I kept my look casual for the fun city endeavor. I always hesitate to showcase my more casual looks on the blog but given my recent work transition I find myself wanting to find a little more balance between my glam and relaxed style for on-the-go meeting occasions. This classic leather jacket is definitely a welcome new addition. Given some SF bound projects coming soon it will be a key new item for my looks. Stepping my sandal game up I am really loving these vintage nine west pretties. Very 90's they make me a little nostalgic for my early teen years reminiscent of Drew Barrymore movie nights with friends and blaring Third Eye Blind classics while doing homework. LOVE.     

Tee Banana Republic Factory Store 
Jeans Banana Republic
Sandals Vintage Nine West 
Jacket TJMaxx
Purse Vintage via Kuzak's Closet 
Sunnies Peter Pilotto for Target