Sherbet Summer Feels

I had all the sherbert feels with this summer style look. Invited to indulge in some "pop-tails' with Hotel Valencia at Santana Row this summer,  I was inspired to wear some playful bright hues that were reminiscent of some of my favorite tasty frozen treats. 

Summer time is the perfect season to play with colors. Personally, I have been obsessed with the come back yellow has made. Not a color I immediately gravitate to, it has been fun looking for patterns and prints that have hints of yellow hues. This summer maxi skirt with "pops" of tropical mango yellow has been my favorite vintage find. 

Bright colored accessories that give an outfit a summer style flair have also been at the top of my shopping list. Of course, I want heeled mules in every color, fabric, and style you could imagine this season. These pink pretties have been on re-run especially when I need to dress up a simple summer white top and classic jeans look. 

Many thanks to Hotel Valencia Santana Row for hosting us to a fun summer night soiree. Make sure to check out the many gorgeous summer patios they have available on their gorgeous San Jose property that offer so many fun summer bites and sips. 

photography Yasmin Roohi

The Jupiter

Took a short but sweet trip to Portland recently. Looking to escape for a quick minute after our engagement (GAH! I know), the boy and I (with Mr. Oliver of course) decided to celebrate by doing what we love most, exploring a new place together. Its crazy how many cities we have discovered side-by-side over the last 12 years (Have I ever shared with you how long we've been together?). Train, plane and automobile (literally we have traveled long distances via all three) there is something said for all those conversations you have during trips. Mostly good but also some bad. You can learn a lot when you are "stuck" with someone for extended traveling hours. Oh the things we have seen and the moments we have had. I treasure all those stories in my heart. Thus it only seemed appropriate to mark the occasion with trip to a place we had never been before. Our first time in PDX, we left smitten on how many amazing creatives are fostering some seriously stylish places to eat, shop and, as The Jupiter Hotel showed us, sleep as well. 

An urban gem, The Jupiter Hotel is located in the Lower Burnside neighborhood with easy access to so many Portland pockets. Of course you know first thing I did was google where to shop some vintage digs. Walking distance from the hotel is The Grand Market Place. Not gonna lie, I wanted to take everything but the kitchen sink home with me, but I behaved and scored some amazing 1950's cloth lace-ups for $24 (Pictured Below). During our stay we also ventured over the bridge towards downtown. Some shop local places I loved were Woonwinkle and Quin Candy. If you need a down day, like usually we do on our last day of travel, The Jupiter Hotel has everything you need without having to leave the property. On-site is the seriously rad restaurant, Doug Fir. A life-size lincoln log cabin with a 50's dinner vibe, it has the best 5$ chocolate shake you will ever have (Truth? We took the shakes to-go, walked like 10 steps to our room and drank them in bed. LOL). Also The Jupiter Hotel, has some awesome Hotel Deals that bring you the best of PDX to your room step. Mr. Oliver and I took advantage of the VooDoo Doughnuts Package. A pet-friendly boutique experience, The Jupiter Hotel made our little celebratory getaway with our pup a fun experience. Fingers-crossed, looking forward to coming back to Portland in the summer! 

P.S. Will be sharing my Bridal Journey so keep posted babes!

The Jupiter Hotel
800 E. Burnside St.
Portland, OR 97214
(503) 230-9200

WFM #HelloBeauty Shopping Guide

Am I the only one currently trying to get out of my winter funk? Style and beauty in the colder months is really minimal for me. After the excitement of layers and fall colors dies down, I actually just stick to black pieces and beauty becomes more about simply keeping my skin and hair hydrated. I won't lie, at a certain point I actually just consciously decide to  hibernate from anything that requires me to do my hair or make up. LOL I know, #noshame. You all know a lot of you do the same. Don't lie to me. LOL. This year has been especially harsh on my beauty routine. Anyone else suffer some wacky changes with all this wacky weather? Well I got some super exciting news for all of you that will hopefully help you find some spring style feels. 

For this coming month of March I will be joining two other amazing bloggers, The Beauty Vanity (Make-Up Expert) and Honey Ghee & Me (Healthy Living Expert), to showcase Whole Foods Market's Annual Spring Beauty Sale that will be taking place from 3/22 to 3/27, where all facial care and cosmetics will be 25% off. Thus we have teamed up with Whole Foods Market to share with you our personal #CleanBeautyFave products. This means you will be able to walk into any WFM, from the Peninsula to Monterey County, and shop our #HelloBeauty picks durning the sale. To kick-off this month of spring beauty style we are hosting a #WFMBeautyBrunch party on March 5th in Santa Clara and you are all invited! The first 100 registered guest will be receiving an awesome goodie bag so make sure to RSVP! Register HERE! I hope to see you there! XOXO!

P.S. I have shared some of my picks above for those of you who are eager to get your spring style shopping started a little early!

Love Sparkles

Happy Valentine's Day Loves! SO many reasons to be happy for on this day we celebrate love. I know many aren't too crazy about this holiday, with all its commercialized madness but I personally think that Valentine's day does not have to be about romance. I use it as a great excuse to just say a simple thank you to family and friends who have shown me what it means to be loved. Some years I have taken my mother flowers. Others I have mailed Valentines to long distance friends. My most recent favorite V-Day act was dropping off some heart-shaped balloons for my nieces at their High School. I remember as a young girl seeing friends get roses from their boyfriends during school lunch and feeling pretty crummy. Thus I just felt like letting them know that a boyfriend is not necessarily needed to celebrate Valentine's Day. I guess what I'm trying to say is that on a day that might be easy to get caught up in all the over-the-top romance (or lack there of) take the time and think about reaching out to someone in your life that might just need a little reminder that they are loved. You may be surprised at how a little sparkle of love can go a long way. 

Still don't have a look or gift for tonight? Find this whole ensemble, including this darling succulent, at the recently opened Anthropologie & Co. in Palo Alto. 


photography Yasmin Roohi

Joie X Herradura

It was so much fun when I recently co-hosted a Herradura Happy Hour with my blogger bff Grace of My Style & Grace in SF. I threw on a simple fall floral for the day in the city (see and shop my full look visit my pervious post HERE) Whenever I trek to San Francisco although jeans and a shirt might seem the obvious choice, I like the idea of something less constricted for romping around town. My babe Grace I thus car pooled up and I had to make our first stop my favorite coffee shop in the Mission, Sightglass Coffee. With the wind destroying our hair and  by default Instagram dreams we then head over to  play dress-up with Joie's Fall line, while sipping on some Herradura Margaritas... I mean can a Girls Night Out get any better?! I have one word. TACOS. lol. Yes we ended the night indeed with tacos. XOXO! 

photography Melissa De Mata